The first picture of the main cast of Nine:

Penelope Cruz in rehearsal for dancing scene in "Nine"

February 13, 2009: My silly poster for "Nine" that a board member suggested we make, "Just for fun". This was my version:

February 19, 2009: A photoshoot of some of Dan's leading ladies in the film. Finally nice to see Marion Cottilard here:

5/15/2009: The trailer for "Nine" was released a few days ago, and what a thrill it was to see it. It looks as though Rob Marshall has done it again, and "Nine" will probably be as good as "Chicago". At least this first glimpse makes it appear that way. Already "screen captures" are making there way on sites around the net. Here are some for us:

September 3, 2009: There hasn't been much movement on anything in the way of promotion for Nine, which will be opening in just a few months. Something to really look forward to at long last. Shannon found the first new photos from Nine, and Gigi found a nice large version of one of them. See below:

October 1, 2009: A few new publicity photos have dribbled into our hands. It hasn't been easy, and now the film has been moved to a Dec. 25th opening, so have to wait even longer than anticipated. New pics below

November 18, 2009: Some new pictures of Dan and the cast of "NINE" are begining to crop up on a more regular basis now that the time is drawing closer for the opening on Xmas day. Thanks to our resident Sherlock, Shannon, for these:

A banner of the stars of "NINE".

11/28/09: Celeste found a contest at site, to win tickets to the premiere. Along with the contest rules were the following pictures. Good find Celeste:

11/30/09: Shannon found these four posters last week.

11/30/09: Shannon shared this find with us today. Beautiful production photos: