Family Photos

Cecil, Jill and Dan
A young Jill Balcon - Dan's Mom
Cecil as a young man
Dan & Tamasin a little older with Jill & Cecil
Dan and Cecil have icecream cones in Ireland in 1965
Rebecca in 1993 - No wonder Dan fell for her
My favorite picture of Dan with Ronan
Dan and Rebecca at The Crucible Premiere
Another picture of Dan and Rebecca at the premiere
Dan and Rebecca in Florence 1999
Another of the couple in Florence
Dan in Rome for GONY 2001
Dan and Rebecca in Rome 2001
Another of Dan and Rebecca in Rome
Still another of Dan and Rebecca in Rome 2001
Dan's CastleKevin home in Wicklow
Dan's neighbors in Wicklow
Rebecca and Ronan 2001
Rebecca in 2003 Toronto Film Festival

Below is a beautiful little boy, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, son of Isabelle Adjani and Dan. Now age 9, these pictures are from screenshots from the 2002 movie of "Adolphe", where GK played the son of his mother in the film. These we found by Serenella from Italy. Great find. We have all hoped to see a picture of GK for a few years now.