January 5, 2008: Dan arrives at the 19th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in Palm Springs, Calif., on Saturday. He looks great in his tux.

January 5, 2008: Here is the absolute best picture of Dan at the Palm Springs awards. Be prepared to drool:

January 6, 2008: Daniel arrives at the 2007 New York Film Critic's Circle Awards at Spotlight in Times Square, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008, in New York. Again he's looking really sharp. I wonder if he's been reading some of our comments on his apparel? Probably not, but it's nice to see he cleans up pretty well.

January 7, 2008: Daniel has another win for the third day in a row - The Critics Choice Award for Best Actor. Pretty much a repeat of many wins for GONY, leading to disappointment at Oscar time. Let's hope this year includes Oscar.

January 12, 2008:(release date - not sure when it actually took place, as Dan was in Los Angeles on this date receiving another Best Actor Award) Dan in London for Time Out interview, promotion for TWBB, which opens in Europe Feb 8th:

Here are two more pictures from that day discovered by poster Briwate on the Den Message Board.

January 12, 2008: Dan in Los Angeles with Paul T Anderson at the LA Critics Association Awards. Dan recieved the award for Best Actor, and Paul as Best Director for TWBB.

January 13, 2008: Due to the WGA strike there was no glitz and glamour at the Golden Globe Awards this year. No red carpet, no dinner ceremony. Only an hour show with hosts reading off the lists of the nominees and subsequent winners. Dan, who had been nominated for four previous Golden Globes without a win, finally broke through with a win for Best Actor. Congratuations Dan. Well deserved.

January 13, 2008: Just a bunch of pictures I like. Dan seems so happy and smiling so much during this award season, I just want to share the glow:

January 14, 2008: Men's Vogue February issue was released today with a wonderful six page article on Dan. Not too much new to read, but a few interesting unknown tidbits were to be had. Dan's cover picture is grand, taken at one of last weeks award events. I believe the smaller picture was taken at the Hotel Bel-Air on December 19th:

(Cover photo)

(Photo by Mario Testino)

January 18, 2008: Newsweek held it's annual roundtable of several nominees (and hopeful nominees) for a delightful question and answer. This year the roundtable included, Angelina Joli, Dan, Ellen Page, George Clooney, Marion Coltiard and James McAvoy. Including a few nice pictures of Dan alone too:

January 24, 2008: Dan appeared via satellite on the Oprah Show today. The media said it was coming from Dublin, but it could have been from his home in Annamoe. As we all know, the media can not be trusted on accuracy. Dan is still wearing his porkpie hat, and is now sporting cowboy type shirts. He paid tribute to Heath Ledger, and was very emotional when talking about the death of this young actor....even stating he was "quite unsettled", and that it didn't seem right to be talking about anything else. I admire his sensitivity.

January 26, 2008: Dan presented last night at the Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Unfortunately Paul Anderson didn't win the big prize.

January 27, 2008: Daniel won the Screen Actors Guild Award tonight for Best Actor in a movie drama. Well deserved. Dan was still very emotional about Heath Ledger, and half of his acceptance speech was about Heath as an actor. He accepted his statue in tribute to Heath.

February 2008: The UK Esquire had Dan as their cover boy, and a wonderful long article. Thanks to Jandra from the board who had the magazine and scanned it for us, we have these lovely pictures, and the article in this sites article section. Beautiful pictures of Dan simply dressed.

February 8, 2008: Dan, PTA, and Paul Dano are in Berlin, Germany today for their annual film festival. The European camgaign is now begining full force.

February 8, 2008: Also today "Entertainment Weekly" hit the magazine racks with Dan and Javiar Bardem on the cover, with a few pictures inside, along with an article. Dan, however, declined an interview with the magazine. The article was about the upcoming Oscars.

February 10, 2008: Daniel is the winner of the BAFTA Best Actor. Rebecca looked lovely this evening in a very fashionable pink strapless.

February 12, 2008: Dan at a press conference in Paris:

Dan, PTA, and wives, plus Paul Dano at the Paris Premiere of TWBB.

February 14, 2008: Dan made an appearance in Athens, Greece today answering questions at the Athenian Bookstore. Below are a few pictures from the event. Do you think Dan might sleep in this hat?

February 16, 2008: Dan and Rebecca arrive at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival where TWBB is premiering in Ireland. I'm certain he is happy just to be so close to home. But - he will be hopping on a plane to pick up his Oscar next Sunday. A worthwhile trip indeed!

February 17,2008: Sunday - Dan and Rebecca at Dublin FF (the picture was listed as the 17th, but I truly believe it was another from their arival yesterday). The other picture is possibly a question/answer event - I like the picture whatever the event is.

Thanks to Shannon we now have these beautiful large pictures of Dan taken from the above photo session by the photograhper Gilles Toucas. They are some of the best pictures I've seen of Dan in quite a few years.

February 20, 2008: Dan has arrived in the US for for Sunday's big Oscar night. He is the favorite to win Best Actor, but we've heard that before. Good Luck Daniel!!

February 24, 2008: Dan and Rebecca on the Red Carpet arriving at the Academy Awards. And later kissing George Clooney as he was announced Best Actor, and accepting his award from Helen Mirren. Also some shots with his fellow nominees and winners....Tilda Swinton, Marion Cottiard, and Javier Bardem.

March 6, 2008: Dan and son Ronan pictured shopping in NYC. Ronan looks a lot like his dad, only with the lighter hair of his mother.

May 15, 2008: There is no new picture to accompany the new rumors of Dan signing on to play Guido Contini, in the musical "Nine". A musical to be directed by Rob Marshal, who so successfully brought "Chicago" to the screen. The script is based on the biographical Fellini movie "8", about a director and the women in his life. The first inkling of rumor came from "Variety", then was somewhat confirmed by "People Magazine". I'm still a bit skeptical to begin rejoicing that Dan would soon be in a new role so soon. I'd much rather hear it from someone within in camp. Let's keep our fingers crossed on this one. Rumor also has it that Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren and Judi Dench are signed on, with a multitude of other female actresses (two who are very pregnant at the moment) as other possibilities. (I think it's worth noting that some fans aren't too sure of this as a venue for Dan if it turns out to be correct.) Only time will tell either way.

June 26, 2008: A friend who is not a DDL fan sent me these photos today of Dan walking around NYC just last week. Apparently, he is still wearing his porkpie hat, jean jacket and jeans. I don't think he's yet morphing into Guido Contini. Enjoy the pictures:

July 2, 2008: Dan, Rebecca, Ronan and Cashel were caught on camera on their way to lunch in the West End section of NYC. This is the second sighting in a week, which indicates they must be staying in NYC while RM works on the editing of her film, and possibly Dan getting prepared for rehersals for "Nine".

October 28, 2008: Thanks to Shannon on the board for finding these first photos of Dan on the set of "Nine". We now finally get to see him as we hoped he would be. Nicely dressed, clean shaven...............Whoo Hoo!!!

The following two, including a kiss on the set was found by Celeste. Thanks Celeste:

December 18, 2008: Dan arriving to work, in character, to the set of Nine in London. Thanks for finding these Shannon and Elle.