Daniel Sightings in 2006/2007

There is not much in the way of news for Daniel in 2006/2007. It seems he doesn't garnish enough interest for the paparazzi the way that Brangelina does, because he did make a movie, and not much publicity on that either. It's just begining now, with great advance notices. The movie, "There Will Be Blood" opens on Dec. 26th, just in time to be eligible for Oscar nominations. So, please enjoy the few tidbits that I was able to come up with for an almost two year period.

Sorry that I can not remember the date, but found these pictures sometime in 2006. Here he is with Hall of Fame racer, Randy Mamola. I believe this was in Italy. Enjoy feasting your eyes on these, Dan looked wonderful at this time.


This picture was taken in London in March of 2006. Another fashion statement from our man......LOL.

This picture was taken in Ireland on St. Patricks day, March 2007.....the clipping explains it:

Here are six wonderful pictures of that day in Durrow. Daniel in tweed.

Daniel with Cashel

Daniel receiving plaque

Daniel, Rebecca & Cashel

At the Famine Memorial - note Ronan next to his Dad

Daniel giving speech

June 24, 2007: Dan and RM walking in Soho, NYC after attending a birthday party. Dan's tattoos are very prominent, especially in three of the shots:

August 12,2007: Picture taken for UK Telegraph interview. A good study in black and white:

Sept.19, 2007: Dan remained hidden from public view for some time, while filming There Will Be Blood, and whatever else he had going on. He did go to Telluride where he was honored with a lifetime achievement award, which included a question and answer period. Dan looks younger than his 50 years, but it seems that his portrayal of the hippie, Jack, has become his new look. Earings in both ears, tattoos on both arms (not seen in these pics, I'll have to locate them), and battered clothing. That's our boy!!

September 28, 2007: Dan and Rebecca in Istanbul for the premiere of "If". Dan looks great, and RM looks pretty with her eyes matching her dress.

September, 2007(Published Nov 11, 2007): A rugged looking Daniel in Luggala Ireland as part of his interview for NY Times Magazine. The promo for "TWBB" has begun!! Let's hope there will be many more sightings of our ellusive guy before he goes back into hiding.

(Picture taken by Jillian Edelstein)

And below: the cover for the Time article:

(picture by Richard Burbridge)

November 12, 2007: Wearing the same hat and coat as Telluride, but a different shirt, this is Dan at a screening for TWBB at the Writers Guild in Beverly Hills. Dan and Anderson are also scheduled to appear together on the 15th for a screening, and followed by a Q&A. Wonder if Dan will still be wearing the usual.....

November 12, 2007: Dan at a Press Conference for There Will Be Blood. He's looking happier than usual at one of these events.

Nov 12, 2007: From the same day, Celeste from the board found these magnificent super large photos from this event. Thanks Celeste.....these are gorgeous"

December 10, 2007: Dan already has received the L.A. Critics Award for Best Actor, and now last evening has been honored with the same by the N.Y. Film Critics Circle Awards. Below are a few pictures of the happy occasion. Dan is once again wearing that horrible check suit he was seen in earlier this year, and Rebecca seems to have a litte "Mickey Mouse" going on with her hairdo. But you gotta love em! The first picture is the Men of Blood - PTA, Dan, Dano and Dillon Freasier (who plays his son):

The next photo is the "Mickey Mouse hairdo previously mentioned:

And lastly, two rather nice pictures of Dan, inspite of awful check suit:

December 10, 2007: These pictures were also taken on December 10 by a fan earlier in the day:

December 11, 2007: Daniel was at the Chelsea West Theater at the Variety Screening Series of There Will Be Blood in New York City.

December 12, 2007: Daniel was photographed walking in NYC today. Note he is wearing the same hat that we've seen him in for most of the month, and his old check coat first seen in 2002. I actually somewhat admire his frugality.

December 12, 2007: At another Q&A in NYC, a picture taken by a fan from the audience.....one in color, one in black and white.

December 19, 2007: The LA Times magazine "The Envelope" has a beautful picture of Dan on it's cover. Enjoy!!

December 19, 2007: (release date - Pictures taken in November) Dan is interviewed at the Hotel Bel-Air for the LA Weekly, as part of the TWBB publicity junket in California.

December 20, 2007 (release date):Pictures were actually taken on Nov. 13th: Dan and Paul T Anderson at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for an interview with the Los Angeles Times.