November 13, 1996

Long-Absent Daniel Day-Lewis Returns

Daniel Day-Lewis, who has been absent from the big screen since 1993's In the Name of the Father, returns to the bright lights of Hollywood with the release of The Crucible, on November 27. But for those wondering about the reasons behind the Oscar winner's three-year sabbatical, which in the short memories of moviegoers can mean career death, the reticent actor gives some answers. Day-Lewis tells Variety that after he finished In the Name of the Father, he was "like dog food," and admits that "even if I wanted to make another film, I don't think I would have been of any use to anybody." During his long hiatus, Day-Lewis had an affair with French actress Isabelle Adjani, who bore his child. He is currently dating Rebecca Miller, daughter of The Crucible author (and screenwriter), Arthur Miller. Day-Lewis is reluctant to talk about his relationship with Rebecca, but is only too happy to speak about Mr. Miller. "There's something about Arthur Miller that makes you wish he was your father," Day-Lewis says. "Arthur's just the kind of man you'd like to hang out with. He's about as unpretentious as it's possible to be." And while Day-Lewis won't say for sure what his next project is, he hints that it might be a boxing film with his My Left Foot director, Jim Sheridan. The untitled pic centers on an Irish boxer striving to become world champion, and is set to start filming next winter. Says Lewis about the physical role, "The next time you see me the old nose might not be in the same shape."