Saturday, June 22, 2002

"I can't be an invalid schoolgirl."

Well, as you've probably guessed by now, this dang migraine has gotten the better of me. I realize that if I don't get some sleep and rest that I will not enjoy the rest of the Gathering. So, with that said, we opt to stay and sleep in this morning. Sadly, I had to forego the pleasure of the waterfalls today, which was my favorite part of the location scenes from last year. Not to worry, though, I shall enlighten you on those a little later in this post.

The morning is not wasted, though. Claude uses this time to do a little fishing. There is a nice little stream that runs right behind the Geneva. I'm glad he had to opportunity to do this as he was planning to take in a little fishing today at Triple Falls anyway.

OH! Backtracking time!...Early this morning, after everyone left for the falls, one of our Gatherers missed her ride. Claude being the "Hawkeye" that he is, took her to meet up with the rest of the group, which was about an hour's drive from the motel. AWWW!

OK! After a nice little sleep-in nap, a good shower, and a little grooming, I'm feeling much better and venture down to the stream where my fisherman is. Nary a bite! One of our Gatherers is lounging in the shade beside the pool so I join her and we have a very nice visit. We all decide to drive into Hendersonville for lunch and to do a little antique shopping prior to going to the movie.

The MOVIE!!! This little theater in Hendersonville that allows us to invade them once a year is delightful. Once the Skyland Hotel, the old ballroom is now the theater. It serves pizza, hot dogs, wine, wine coolers, and beer in addition to the usual popcorn, candy, and soda. Some of us arrived a little early (hmmmm) and gathered and visited in the Tea Room which is off to the side.

Prior to the movie, Scottie Willis shows up. Who is Scottie Willis? He and his wife worked with hair during the entire production. He brought his photo albums (at least four, maybe five) which were full of pictures he, his wife, and daughter took while on location. This a very impressive collection. We poured over those and drooled. He promised to get these photos to Rich so he could scan them and post them on the Board. Check it out.
Once again, if you don't have any luck here, let me know.

Eric Hurley shows up donned as Soldier #2. With a great round of applause he spoke briefly before the showing of the film. Everyone loves Eric.

Showtime! Never mind that I've seen this movie hundreds of times. Never mind that I know it backward and forward. When I hear that cadence and the low brass and the year 1757 appears on the big screen it still stirs my blood. You see so much more. You see so much more clearly. Everything is larger than life...the scenery, the music, the characters, the story. And, to me, seeing the trailer prior to the start only excites me more with anticipation.

And...that "Perfect Kiss" that was mentioned on a post somewhere else here...I know why it received that honor. Watching it performed on that big screen and seeing Hawkeye kissing Cora with his eyes open is almost more than a body can handle. BEA-U-TI-FUL! This is truly a highlight of the whole Gathering.

We don't stay around very long after it's over. Feeling 100% better (hmmm...wonder if having Hawkeye served up before me larger than life had anything to do with that?) I am determined to make the sunrise in the morning. So, it's off to bed for me!

Now, about those waterfalls that I missed...

High Falls....This is where Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingachgook run up the side when they start their rescue of Cora and Alice. You don't actually get to go to the falls nor do you get to go the this rock where they run up. But it's still quite beautiful to look at.

Triple Falls...Opening sequence of the River Walk scene, including climbing the falls. After the ambush, we see our heroes walking across a smooth, flat rock and you also see the water running over it. Then they come to the rock wall and climb up it. I did this last year and I'm so glad I did. You can see the holes that were drilled into that rock wall for the actors to place their fingers in so that the climb would not be so difficult. I poked my fingers in each one of those....covered all the bases so to speak. LOL!

Bridal Veil Falls...The location of "I ain't your scout" and the site of entering the cave behind the falls. I remember walking up to the falls and going under them just as the characters did. When you watch the movie again, and I know you will, you will see them in silhouette as they enter the cave. Well, they are actually walking under the falls at Bridal Veil and we did that too. FUN!! and beautiful.

Hooker (Mills) Falls...This is the falls that you see the canoes and stuntmen go over. There is a lot of splicing done in the canoe/waterfall scenes. Linville Falls (which we go to tomorrow) is also included in these sequences.

This is a very beautiful place. I'm so sorry that I missed going this year. But, those waterfalls will always be there and someday I will be there again, too. Tomorrow is another full day. See you there.